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Events, activities, exhibitions and news from the Gardens of Galloway – unmissable gardening pleasures to be found in Scotland’s beautiful south west.

Pond Dipping
30 Jul 2019
Logan Botanic Garden

Come along and see what lurks beneath the surface of the pond! Adult supervision essential.

Flora Scotia Exhibition
1 Aug 2019 - 14 Sep 2019
Logan Botanic Garden

Celebrating the richness of native plants in Scotland and their importance in our lives, this...

Children's Activity: Natural Hammer Printing Art
1 Aug 2019
Logan Botanic Garden

'Pound' out a design using your strength, leaves and flowers to hang on your bedroom wall.

Wildlife Detective Trail
6 Aug 2019
Logan Botanic Garden

Discover what fascinating creatures live in Logan Botanic Garden. Join the RSPB team and become...

Children's Activity: Bamboo Puppet Man
8 Aug 2019
Logan Botanic Garden

Keep yourself amused whilst on holiday by constructing your very own bamboo person. Take it on...